Sistema de visitação tourguide com 06 fones

ANCHOR-AUDIO TOUR 60 Sistema de visitação tourguide com 06 fones

The TOUR-60 from Anchor Audio is a high-quality wireless tourguide system designed to accommodate up to six listeners. It consists of a WB-6000 wireless beltpack transmitter paired with an HBM-60 headset microphone and six AL-WB wireless beltpack receivers. 

Earbuds are included for use with each of the receivers.The WB-6000 is a UHF bodypack transmitter with 16 user-selectable channels. It is PLL synthesized for a rock-solid transmission. A mic/line selector switch lets you choose to use it with a variety of audio sources. 

Tone noise key suppression uses a microphone ID to block interference. The unit operates on standard "AA" batteries and has a detachable whip antenna.The HBM-60 is a lightweight headset microphone. The cardioid pickup pattern helps to reduce the sounds to the sides of the mic for better focus on your voice. 

It has a high gain before feedback, and the flexible boom arm allows for ideal positioning.The AL-WB is a slim, durable beltpack receiver with two built-in antennas and an easily-accessible battery compartment, which holds two "AA" batteries. It has a range of up to 300" line of sight. You can use the included earbuds for listening right out of the box, but any headphones with a 3.5mm plug may be used with the receiver.


  • Full six-user wireless tourguide system
  • All beltpack units run on "AA" batteries
  • Lightweight headset mic with a cardioid pickup pattern and adjustable gooseneck boom for precise positioning
  • Includes earbuds so you can use the system right out of the box without having to obtain extra equipment


  • Anchor Audio TOUR-60 - 6-User Wireless Tourguide System
  • WB-6000 - Transmissor Body Pack UHF
  • HBM-60 - Microfone com Faixa de Cabeça e Conector TA4F
  • 6 x AL-WB - Wireless Bodypack Receiver with Headphones
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