Kit de transcrição de voz digital

OLYMPUS AS-2400 Kit de transcrição de voz digital

The Olympus PC Transcription Kit (AS-2400) provides you with everything you need to transcribe your audio files with ease. 

Compatible with the WS and DS series, VN-3200PC, VN-5200PC digital voice recorders, this kit includes the RS-27 footpedal, E-102 stereo headset, and the DSS Player Software CD-ROM. 

With the included software and accessories you"ll be able to automatically download files when your voice recorder is connected with your computer. You"ll also benefit from the edit function which lets you edit files, and and remove index, add comments and change the priority setting. 

Another useful feature of the kit would be the hands free control that the footpedal supplies. The RS-27 footswitch allows you to control playback while keeping your hands on the keyboard. Compatible audio file formats include: DSS, DSS Pro, WMA, MP3, and WAV/AIFF files.


Compatible Audio Formats

The AS-2400 kit plays DSS, DSS Pro, WMA, MP3 and WAV/AIFF audio formats in the background while a word processing program or other application runs


Can transcribe by combining playback sound, adjustable playback speed, tone control, and noise cancellation for a more fine tuned experience

Foot Switch Control

The footpedal enables you to control playback while keeping your hands on the keyboard

Voice Recognition

Using the optional Dragon NaturallySpeaking (8.0 and later preferred) program you can enable the voice recognition feature

Software Updates

Automatic software updates are available through the Internet for Windows users


Two different modes/views are available for the Transcribe bar for Windows users


  • Olympus PC Transcription Kit (AS-2400)
  • DSS Player Software CD-ROM with Support for the RS-27 Footpedal
  • RS-27 Footpedal
  • E-102 Stereo Headset
Sistemas Operacionais CompatíveisWindows 2000 (SP4), XP (Home, Professional), Vista (Home Basic, Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate) CPU: Windows 2000/XP: Intel Pentium III 500MHz ou mais, Vista: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz mais Mac OS X 10.3.9-10.5 CPU: Power PC G3 500 MHz ou mais, Intel Core Sole, DUO 1.5GHz ou mais
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