Kit de transcrição de voz digital + gravador com slot de cartão

PHILIPS LFH-9399 Kit de transcrição de voz digital + gravador com slot de cartão

Philips" Pocket Memo Dictation and Transcription Starter Kit LFH9399 provides all the necessary elements for dictation and transcription in the modern workplace - and other applicable environments.

In addition to including the LFH9375 Digital Recorder this kit also includes a USB foot control, stereo headphones, and SpeechExec Transcribe and SpeechExec Dictate software. You"ll be ready to record and transcribe from day one with this all-encompassing kit.

The LFH9375 is a high-end voice recorder that features intuitive "Smart Buttons", professional editing functions, and the ability to record in DSS and MP3 formats. Record to SD/SDHC memory cards with this recorder and utilize up to 10 individual author IDs for organized files.

The included foot control and headphones make transcription a breeze. Start and stop the recording with the foot pedal, and hear every last detail without external distractions. The included software makes for quick work - and allows for easy retrieval of your files at any time. You can also use the software to prioritize jobs, track status info, and view work in progress.


Professional Recording Solution

  • Recharge the batteries via USB
  • Professional editing functions
  • Intuitive control with "Smart buttons"
  • Push buttons for single handed operation
  • High recording quality in DSS and MP3 formats
  • SD/SDHC expansion slot for unlimited recording
  • Ten individual author IDs for organization of dictations

Professional Transcription Solution

  • Job status information allows work to be tracked
  • Efficient handling of sound files for fast job retrieval
  • Automatic file download via USB for quick transcription
  • Priority setting allows authors to easily define urgent jobs
  • Ergonomic foot control and headphones for professional use


  • Professional editing functions
  • 2 smart buttons
  • Author ID setting
  • File lock
  • Multiple language support: 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German
  • Control via push buttons
  • Priority setting
  • Voice activated recording
  • Automatic software updates

Push-Button Operation

Easily control and operate your Pocket Memo with a single hand using the help of the innovative push buttons

Recharge the Batteries via USB

Help protect the environment by simply recharging the batteries of the device using the USB connection instead of throwing them out and buying new batteries

Professional Editing Functions

Professional editing functions like overwrite/insert/partial delete/lock available for an optimal workflow

Intuitive Control

Smart buttons let you scroll through menu options and quickly make selections. This makes navigating through the menu to assign work types and other commands fast and intuitive

SD/SDHC Expansion Slot

Virtually unlimited recording capacity thanks to an exchangeable memory card slot

DSS and MP3 Recording

The DSS format was developed for use in digital voice recorders, allowing a high compression ratio with little loss of quality. The DSS format also allows you to store additional information in the file header, which facilitates the organization and the transcription of dictations. The MP3 format is the common audio format for consumer audio storage, as well as the de facto standard encoding for the transfer and playback of music on digital audio players

Track Work through Job Status

The professional SpeechExec software allows you to track your job status information. It grants you a clear view of your work in progress

Ten Individual Author IDs

The organization of your dictations now gets even easier with ten individual author IDs

Automatic Download via USB

When plugged in, the Digital Pocket Memo automatically downloads your audio files directly onto the computer

Efficient Handling

The SpeechExec software enables you to efficiently handle your sound files which makes retrieving your jobs fast, easy, and convenient

Priority Setting

Priority setting allows you to define jobs by urgency with ease

Voice Activation Function

Voice activation recording is a convenience feature for hands-free recording. When enabled, recording will start automatically when you start speaking. Recording stops automatically after you stop speaking and restarts automatically when you start speaking again

Green Specifications

  • Lead-free soldered product
  • Compliant to 2002/95/EC (RoHS)


  • Digital Recorder LFH9375
  • USB Foot Control
  • Stereo Headphones LFH0334
  • SpeechExec Transcribe Software
  • SpeechExec Dictate Software
    Tipo de MicrofoneMono
    Entrada de MicrofoneSim - 3.5mm
    ModoMono com microfone embutido Estéreo com microfone externo opcional
    Cartão de MemóriaSlot de expansão SD/SDHC
    FormatoDSS, MP3
    GravaçãoCom cartão de memória SD/SDHC de 2GB SP: 349 horas QP: 170 horas HQ: 72 horas XHQ: 36 horas
    Ativação por VozSim
    FalanteCircular dinâmico de 30mm Potência de saída de alto-falante de 200mW
    LCD1.7 (44mm)
    SaídaSaída de headphone de 3,5mm
    OutrosUSB 2.0
    Resposta de FrequênciaXHQ: 300Hz-8kHz HQ: 300Hz-8kHz QP: 300Hz-70kHz SP: 300Hz-5.7kHz
    Requisitos de Sistema (mínimo)Windows 7, Vista, XP Porta USB livre Unidade de DVD-ROM placa de som Saída de fone de ouvido ou alto-falantes Pentium III 500MHz, Pentium IV 1 GHz (recomendado) 256MB de RAM (1 GB recomendado) Espaço em disco rígido de 100MB para SpeechExec, 250MB para Microsoft.NET
    Bateria2 x Baterias AAA NiMH - recarregável via USB (Também é possível utilizar alcalinas)
    Tempo de Vida da Bateria (Aprox)Até 23 horas em modo SP
    Fonte de Alimentação ExternaNão disponível
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